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Aug 2019

The Labor Day Turning Point Music Festival is rescheduled to Oct. 13 Sunday!

but We are Pleased to Announce ( too many bad weather days, and even when the weather was good, it was to hot, it almost got to the point of instead of presenting we almost had to "serve" a few of our musicians ( and they almost were over COOKED!)

 09/07/2019 Sat.

 Bill Curreri Band

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

  09/13/2019 Friday

  Leo Moran and Padraig Stevens

(Both w/ the Saw Doctors)

$25.00 8pm Tickets

 09/14/2019 Sat.

 Brett Thompson Presents Psychedelic Electro Music

Suspicious Package

$12.50 8:30 Tickets


 09/17/2019 Tues.

 Harp Master

Mark Hummel and the Blues Survivors

$25 8pm Tickets


 09/19/2019 Thurs

Its been 4 1/2 years since we lost Stefan, but he is NOT forgotten nor is his family 100% of the Proceeds go to Stefan's Girls!

"Boogie for Stefan"

w/ Scott Staton, Dave Keyes and Loren Korevec

(a piano summit!)

$15.00 7:30 Tickets

09/20/2019 Fri.

 Marc Salem Mind Games Reloaded

w Meir Yedid

$25.00 8pm Tickets

 09/21/2019 Sat.

 Cosmic American Derelicts

$15.00 8:30 Tickets


 09/22/2019 Sun

Bob Dylan's Bandleader from Netflix film by Martin Scorsese: Rolling Thunder Revue

 Rockin' Rob Stoner

(Solo Concert)

$20.00 4pm Tickets

(don't wait to long, always a sell out!)

 09/23/2019 Monday

Attention all DeadHeads!

Colonel and the Mermaids

$25.00 8:00 Tickets

 09/26/2019 Thurs.

 Artist, Singer Songwriter and one crazy guy!

Dan Bern

$25.00 8:00pm Tickets

 09/27/2019 Fri.

 Sarah Kilborne's

The Lavender Blues

$20 8:00 Tickets

 09/28/2019 Sat.

 The Bruce Katz Band


$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 09/29/2019 Sun

 Another Bunch of Wild and Crazy Guys ( and great musicians)!!


$45.00 4PM Tickets

$45.00 7:30 Tickets

Both shows $80.00 Tickets

 10/03/2019 Thurs.

 Jason Recht and Friends

$20.00 8:00 Tickets

 Oct 5th Sat.

 Closed for a Private Party

Tappan Zee High School

Class of 1969 50th

Admission Based on Class List or TZ Class of 69 Ring

 10/11/2019 Fri.

 Blues Man & Travelin' Man

Roy BookBinder

$20.00 8:00 Tickets

 10/12/2019 Sat.

Just in From the West Coast

Jazz Vocalist & Songwiter

Jacqui Naylor (Quartet)

$20.00 8:00 Tickets


The Turning Point Columbus Day Weekend

PAL Music Festival on Sunday Oct. 13th , 2019!!!

Old Number Seven Band (From Piermont NY)

Back to the Garden 1969 ( A Celebration of the 50th Woodstock Music Festival)

Jeb Jones (jam band) (from All Over!)

Prof. Louie and the Crowmatix ( from Woodstock NY


 10/18/2019 Fri.

  "Linda Ronstadt Tribute with Rita Harvey

$25.00 8:00 Tickets


 Oct 19, 2019 Sat.


Don't Wait to long on this one sold out last March!

 Dean Shot's Tribute to Howlin' Wolf

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 10/20/2019 Sunday

 John Whoever & Who Are They CD Release Show

$20 4pm Tickets

 10/25/2019 Fri.

Prof.Prof. Louie and the Crowmatix

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

10/26/2019 Sat.

Rockin' Zydeco w/
 UpSouth Twisters

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 10/27/2019 Sunday

 Singer Songwriter

James Maddock

$30.00 4pm Tickets

10/31/2019 Thurs.

 Magic After Dark (Vol8) Underground Magicians who will blow your mind!


and Meir Yedid

$25.00 8pm Tickets

11/01/2019 Fri

 Magic After Dark (Vol9) Underground Magicians who will blow your mind!

and Meir Yedid

$25.00 8pm Tickets

 11/02/2019 Sat.

  5th Annual Halloween w/


 $20.00 8pm Tickets

  11/05/2019 Tues.

 Kinky Friedman

The Merry Kinkster Tour -
Kinky Hits The Road to Promote His Resurrection CD

$40\.00 7:30 Tickets

 11/08/2019 Fri.

 The Roues Brothers History of Blues to Rock

$25.00 8pm Tickets

 11/15/2019 Fri.

 Joe Delia and Thieves

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 11/21/2019 Thurs.

BettySoo, Grace Pettis, Rebecca Loebe

  Nobody's Girl

$20.00 8pm Tickets

 11/22/2019 Fri

 The Grand Slabovian Circus of Dreams

$30.00 8pm Tickets

 11/23/2019 Sat.

Rockabill Greats

 Robert Gordon & Chris Spedding

$40.00 8pm Tickets

 11/24/2019 Sun.

 Steve Forbert

$35.00 4pm Tickets

 11/29/2019 Fri.

 Stir Fried

$20.00 8pm Tickets

 11/30/2019 Sat

 Paul Gazzone Band

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

12/01/2019 Sun Loren Korevec play Prine, Newman and Korevec 4pm

12/06/2019 Fri. Lee Reiser and Major Dudes 8pm

12/07/2019 Sat. Chris Bergson Blues Band 8:30

12/08/2019 Sun Marshall Crenshaw (solo) $30 4pm

12/13/2019 Fri. Duke Robillard 8pm

12/14/2019 Sat. Fin and the Sharks 8:00

12/22/2019 Sun The Peach Project $20 4pm

12/26/2019 Thurs. Tom Chapin 7:30

12/27/2019 Fri. Tom Chapin 8:00

12/28/2019 Sat. The The Band Band 8pm

12/29/2019 Sun The The Band Band 4pm

12/31/2019 Popa Chubby 7:30 & 10:30


01/10/2020 Fri. Ray Greiche Band $20.00 8pm

01/11/2020 Sat Menza Madison Blues Band 7:30 $10

01/19/2020 Sunday Jesse Star's Janis Joplin's Birthday Tribute 4pm $20

02/07/2020 Friday Jim Kweskin & Samoa Wilson $40 7:30




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