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June 2019


 06/27/2018 Thurs

 Buster Malino Presents a CD Release Party for "Life and Legacy"

Cheap 52

$10.00 7:30 Tickets

  June 28, 2019 Friday

 Tom Rush

w/ Matt Nakoa

$40.00 8pm SOLDOUT

 06/30/2019 Sun.

 Presenting the Music of the Man in Black, Johnny Cash

Big Jim Wheeler

and the Band in Black

$20.00 4pm Tickets


July 2019

 July 12, 2019 Fri.


Bill Scheft's

 The Truants

"We Play NOTHING after 1967"

$20.00 8:00 Tickets

July 13,2019 Sat.

 First Time in

Keeshea Pratt Band

$25.00 8:30 Tickets

 07/14/2019 Sunday

  Members of the Rockland County Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The Roues Brothers

$15.00 4:00 Tickets

 July 18, 2019 Thurs.


 Eilen Jewell (Band)

$30.00 7:30 Tickets

  July 19, 2019 Fri.

 The Ray Greiche Band

$20 8:30 Tickets


 07/20/2019 Sat.

 First Time at the Turning Point!

 Nick Schnebelen Band

$20.00 7:30 Tickets


 July 21, 2019 Sunday

"Home for Mid Summer Afternoon"

 Tom Chapin and Friends

$35.00 4:00 Tickets

Check out Tom's latest release,

"Live At The Turning Point"

 07/25/2019 Thurs.

Roger Street Friedman Band

$15.00 8:00 Tickets

 07/26/2019 Fri.

 Rockland County Icon From the Interlude, Turning Point, OD's, Lock Stock and Barrel just to name a few!

Lee Reiser & The Major Dudes

The music of Steely Dan and Other Influential Artists!

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 07/31/2019 Wed.

First Time in as a DUO!! 

James Hunter Duo

featuring Myles Weeks on Bass

$40.00 8:00 Tickets

 08/02/2019 Fri.

 Milton (Band)

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 08/03/2019 Sat.

 The Peach Project

$15.00 8:30 Tickets

  08/04/2019 Sun.

 Solomon Plays Dylan

$20.00 4pm Tickets

 08/08/2019 Thursday

 Red Molly

$35.00 5pm Tickets

$35.00 8pm Tickets

 08/09/2019 Fri.

 From the Blues Brothers Band!

Bobby Harden & Sole Purpose Band

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 08/10/2019 Sat.

 The Robert Ross Blues Band

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 08/15/2019 Thurs.

 Direct from Ireland an Amazing Blend of Irish and Bluegrass with


$15 advance ($20 at the door!) 8:00 Tickets

 08/17/2019 Sat.

 Richard Shindell

$35.00 Sat. 8:00 Tickets

 08/18/2019 Sun

 Richard Shindell

$35.00 Sunday 4:00pmTickets

The Labor Day Turning Point Music Festival is Cancelled

but We are Pleased to Announce ( too many bad weather days, and even when the weather was good, it was to hot, it almost got to the point of instead of presenting we almost had to "serve" a few of our musicians ( and they almost were over COOKED!)

09/20/2019 Fri.

 Marc Salem Mind Games Reloaded

w Meir Yedid

$25.00 8pm Tickets


The Turning Point Columbus Day Weekend PAL Music Festival on Sunday Oct. 13th , 2019!!! John

Old Number Seven Band

Back to the Garden 1969 ( A Celebration of the 50th Woodstock Music Festival)



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