Directions from Rt. 59 Rockland, N.Y.

Go east on Route 59 into Nyack, make sure to get into the right hand lane. Go through four traffic lights (the first is at Rt 9W, the last is Broadway). Go one block past the fourth light (Broadway) and turn right onto Piermont Ave (if you miss this turn the next stop is the Hudson River). As you are going south on Piermont Ave, you will go right under the Tappan Zee Bridge. At this point two things happen (1)the speed limit drops to 25 m.p.h., we highly recommend that you observe it! (2) The name of the road changes to River Rd. and then back to Piermont Ave. Once you enter the center of Piermont, you will see the M & T Bank on your left. We are 10 buildings down on the  right.