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April 2018


 04/20/2018 Fri.

 Darden Smith

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

04/21/2018 Sat.

Rockin' Zydeco w/
 UpSouth Twisters

$20.00 8:00 Tickets

 04/22/2018 Sun


Candian Singer Songwriter 

Garnet Rogers

$20.00 4:00pm Tickets

04/22/2018 Sun


  2nd Time in! Comin' in From Boston!

Adam Ezra Group

$20.00 7:30 Tickets

 04/25/2018 Wed.

 Singer, Songwriter Internation Artist

Peppino D'Agostino

$20.00 8:00 Tickets

 04/27/2018 Friday

 English Rocker

Graham Parker

$35.00 8:30 Tickets

 04/28/2018 Sat.

Peter Karp's Roadshow

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

  04/29/2018 Sun

  John Whoever

and Who Are They

$15.00 4pm Tickets

  05/02/2018 Wednesday

 Kofi Baker Phychedelic Trip

$20.00 8pm Tickets


 05/04/2018 Fri.

 Alexis P Suter

$25.00 8:30 Tickets

 05/05/2018 Sat.

 N R B Q

$48.00 8:00 Tickets

 05/06/2018 Sun.

 Jim Dawson

$20.00 4pm Tickets

 05/08/2018 Tuesday

 Direct From Austin Texas, formerly from Maine and one great artist and songwriter!

Slaid Cleaves

$35.00 7:30 Tickets

 05/10/2018 Thurs.

 John Batdorf

$20.00 8:00 Tickets

  05/11/2018 Friday

 The Roues Brothers History of Blues to Rock

w/ Special Guests!

$15.00 8:30 Tickets


 05/12/2018 Sat.

 Adam Falcon Group

$15.00 8:30 Tickets

( don't wait forever for your tickets, sold out last time!)

 05/16/2018 Wed.

 Bruce Minsky Moved to 5/23

 05/18/2018 Fri

 Aztec Two-Step

featuring Neal Shulman, Rex Fowler, Muddy Roues and Dodie Pettit

$35.00 8pm Tickets

05/20/2018 Sunday



Cover Bridge

Gordon Roehrer & Nancy Dochartaigh

$12.00 4pm Tickets


 05/23/2018 Wed.

 Bruce Minsky and Friends

$15.00 8:00 Tickets

 05/24/2018 Thurs.

 Chris Smither

$35.00 8pm Tickets

 05/25/2018 Fri.

Master of the Guitar

 Roy Book Binder

$20.00 8pm Tickets

05/26/2018 Sat.

 "Linda Ronstadt Tribute with Rita Harvey

$25.00 8:00 Tickets

05/28/2018 Monday Memorial Day No Jazz

 05/31/2018 Thurs.


    Isabella Rose

$15.00 7:30 Tickets

 06/01/2018 Friday

Two Great Artist on One Co-Bill 

Caroline Doctorow and Jamie Block

Also Appearing Jim Hepburn

$20.00 8pm Tickets

 06/02/2018 Sat.

 Cosmic American Derelicts

$15.00 9:00 Tickets

 06/03/2018 Sun

 He is BACK with a little help from his Friend ( ok a lot of Friends!!)

Dan Bern and Friend

$30.00 4pm Tickets

 06/06/2018 Wed.

 Ms. Sorenson Present

Rock the Point

$15.00 7:00pm Tickets

06/07/2018 Thurs..

Violinist, Pearl River Artist

Chris Murphy

$15.00 8:00 Tickets

 06/08/2018 Friday

 The Ray Band

Dylan Electric Tribute

$15.00 8:30 Tickets


 06/09/2018 Sat

  Celebrating, remembering and loving the music of Jerry Garcia & The Grateful Dead


$15.00 9:00 Tickets

 06/10/2018 Sun

 James Maddock

$25.00 4pm

 06/14/2018 Thurs.

First Time at the Turning Point

 Kirsten Maxwell

$15.00 7:30 Tickets

 06/15/2018 Friday

  Richie Furay Band

Richie Furay-DeLIVErin'
POCO DeLIVErin’ album will be performed in its entirety by Richie Furay Band for POCO’s 50th anniversary.
Additionally, music spanning Furay’s entire career will be performed including many of his classics from Buffalo Springfield, Poco, Souther-Hillman-Furay and acclaimed solo work.

$150.00 8:30 Tickets


 06/16/2018 Sat.

 Singer Songwriter

Milton (w/ Band)

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 06/21/2018 Thurs.

 Two Great Artists

Happy Traum

Jim Kweskin

$20.00 8pm Tickets

 06/30/2018 Sat.

 Popa Chubby

$27.50 9:00

 07/13/2018 Friday

 James Luckett Sr. and Mississippi Blues Man Gerome Durham


 07/19/2018 Wed.

 Eilen Jewell (Band)

$30.00 8pm Tickets

 08/03/2018 Fri.

Folk Icon and Diva 


$50.00 8:00 Tickets

  08/04/2018 Sat.

 The Bruce Katz Band

A CD Release Party

$20.00 8:30 Tickets


 08/12/2018 Sunday

 Rick Estrin and the Nightcats

$25.00 7:30


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