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February 2019

 02/22/2019 Fri.

 Rockland County Icon From the Interlude, Turning Point OD, Lock Stock and Barrel just to name a few!

Lee Reiser presents the music of Steely Dan

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

02/23/2019 Sat

  Celebrating, remembering and loving the music of Jerry Garcia & The Grateful Dead


$15.00 8:30 Tickets

 02/24/2019 Sun


 Rick Ilowite & Andy Cohen, plus Special Guests

$15.00 4pm Tickets

 03/01/2019 Fri.


$35.00 8:00 Tickets


 03/02/2019 Sat..

Direct from Berganfield, NJ 

The Original Famous Rays

$15.00 8:30 Tickets

 03/03/2019 Sunday

 Steve Forbert

$35.00 4pm Tickets

 03/07/2019 Thurs.

 Johnny A

Just Me ...And My guitars

A Celebration of the British SongBook of the 60's

$30.00 8:00 Tickets

 03/09/2019 Sat.


10th Annual Towns Van Zandt Birthday Tribute Bash w/

The Cosmic American Derelicts and Friends

$20.00 8pm Tickets

 March 16, 2019 Sat.


 Dean Shot's Tribute to Howlin' Wolf $20.00 8:30 Tickets

  03/19/2019 Tuesday

 Joe Lepore's Show of Shows Featuring

Three Amazing Artist (TBA)

$10 NO Advance Sales **Tickets at the door

7:30 Start doors open 6:30

There will be NO table service or food for this show!

 03/22/2019 Fri.


Bruce T. Carroll (left) Miles East (right)

 Bruce T. Carroll Band

featuring Tommy Mandel (Bryan Adams, Dire Straits, etc), Marc Shulman (Richard Shindell,Suzanne Vega), Joe Bonadio (Sting, Marc Cohn, etc), Lincoln Schleiffer (Larry Campbell, Richard Shindell, Govt Mule) and Sara Milonovich (Shindell, Daiseycutter, Jim Gaudet)

Also Appearing Miles East

$20.00 8pm Tickets


 03/23/2019 Sat.

 Chris Bergson Band

Featuring Matt Raymond on bass and Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors) on drums

$25.00 8:30 Tickets

 03/24/2019 Sun.

 Bluesman, Picker, Delta artist

Toby Walker

$20.00 4pm Tickets

 03/27/2019 Wed.

 Songwriters By The Sea Special Edition
Joe D'Urso, Joe Rapolla, Jeffrey Gaines and Mark Geary

$25.00 7:30 Tickets

 03/29/2019 Friday

 Marc Berger and Ride

$20.00 8pm Tickets

 03/30/2019 Sat.

 The The Band Band

$38.00 8:00 Tickets

03/31/2019 Sunday



Robert Gordon/ Chris Spedding Band featuring Rockin' Rob Stoner and Tommy Price

$35.00 4:00pm Tickets



From the New Riders of the Purple Sage

Ronnie Penque 's Panama Dead

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 04/12/2019 Fri.

Joe Grushecky

Joe D'Urso's

Acoustic Excursion

$30.00 8:00 Tickets

 04/13/2019 Sat.

Carlos Colina and The Grind

$15.00 8:30 Tickets

  04/14/2019 Sun.

 Solomon Plays Dylan

$20.00 4pm Tickets

 04/19/2019 Friday


Back in Nov. I messed up!! and listed this show, but it hadn't been confirmed. But this one is on for Sure!!

 Chris Smither

$35.00 8:00 Tickets

 04/20/2019 Sat.

 Alexis P Suter Band

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 04/27/2019 Sat.

 Prof. Louie and the Crowmatix

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

04/28/2019 Sun.

 Tuck and Patti

$35.00 4pm Tickets

 05/05/2019 Sun

 Woody Mann

$20.00 4pm Tickets

 05/09/2019 Thurs.

 David Olney and Marc Douglas Berardo $20.00 8:00 Tickets

 05/10/2019 Fri

 Peter Karp (Band)

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 05/11/2019 Sat.

CD Release "The Hidden Hill Sessions"

 Todd Wolfe

Carla Olson

$20.00 8:00 Tickets

 May 15, 2019 Wed.

 John Batdorf

$20.00 8:00 Tickets


 05/17/2019 Fri.

 Aztec Two-Step 2.0

$35.00 8:00 Tickets

 06/01/2019 Sat.

 1/2 Way to New Years Eve

Popa Chubby Band

$30.00 9:00 Tickets

 06/06/2019 Thurs.

 FIG and Fat Mike

$10.00 8pm Tickets

June 13, 2019 Thursday Tom Russell $40.00 7:30 Tickets

July 29, 2019 Sat. Bruce Katz Band $20.00 8:30

Aug. 17, 2019 Saturday Richard Shindell $35.00 8:00

Aug. 18, 2019 Sunday Richard Shindell $35.00 4:00pm





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