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"Magic After Dark" on Thurs. 11/30 & 12/14

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01/18/2018 Thurs

Magic After Dark (Vol5) Underground Magicians who will blow your mind!

George Schindler,Peter Samelson and Meir Yedid

$25.00 8pm Tickets

01/20/2018 Sat

Adam Falcon Trio

$15.00 8:30 Tickets

01/21/2018 Sunday

Americana Rhythm and Blues from Brooklyn

 Roosevelt Dime

Also appearing From Red Molly

Molly Venture and Goodnight Moonshine

$20.00 4pm Tickets

01/27/2018 Sat

 Joe D'Urso and Stone Caravan

CD Release "Jersey Diner"

$25.00 7:30 Early Show Tickets

$25.00 9:30 Late Show Tickets

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